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Your data is in danger if you don't have a cloud backup system.

Ransom-ware can paralyze your business within minutes and has climbed up to become the most expensive cyber-crime in the world, costing victims millions of dollars each year. But with a secure Cloud Backup System you can protect your data and avoid any crippling disasters.

Ransom-ware is lurking on the INTERNET & can strike any second !!!

Hackers can take over your Computers and Servers when its infected with Ransom-ware. They can encrypt all of your data and ask for ransoms that you would be bound to pay. There are also cases of victims not being able to retrieve data even after meeting all demands.

common methods of Ransom-ware infecting your system.

You may receive Emails with looks to be from a trusted contact or source and lead you to click a link.

An attachment is sent with the Email and directs you to download it, which installs and infects your system.

Downloading programs from untrustworthy website can infect your system with Ransom-ware .

How Microsky Cloud backup protects your data from Ransom-ware.

Unlimited Cloud Backup for all your Data.

Multiple backup version of all your Data.

Scheduled and Real-Time backup automatically.

Military grade data encryption for Data transfers. 

You can restore your system to the state before the infection.

In case of a Ransom-ware attack you can download a clean set of Data from your Backup

the increase of cyber-crimes is what pushes us to protect our customers and provide a cloud backup plan which can be tailored to your unique requirements.

The best protection from Ransom-ware. Try our 14 Days FREE TRIAL NOW.

Home Cloud Backup

Business Cloud Backup

Server Cloud Backup

You can get all the features that Microsky Cloud Backup is currently providing to all our customers in this 14 Days FREE TRIAL.

System Requirement

Windows 7,8 and 10

MAC OS X 10.6+

Linux Debian and RPM

Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2011 or 2012

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I have been using Microsky Cloud Backup for the last year on my computer network. Fast service, great work and very reliable.

Bret Moleta
Team Leader - Mindsaw

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