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MicroSky offers top notch cyber security solutions. Cyber protection is nothing new, however security for stand-alone machines has moved over to internet based security. This is where we can get updated virus definitions from the antivirus company server.Sometimes we do not even have to install the antivirus software in the system, the “stinger” version of McAfee is one such example where it is a tool to scan infected systems on demand.

There is a wide range of cyber security solutions that are available for cyber protection. You store your vital files online with a third party company and security becomes their responsibility. However, people are the skeptic with cloud-based computing because of various issues and still prefer to manage security-related factors themselves. Most people keep their data on a single or multiple hard drives managed by an operating system, like Windows, for example. Without the proper cyber protection, various vulnerabilities in the operating system compromise the security. The consequences could be data loss and corruption due to a virus infection.

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Computer Security Service

With MicroSky’s computer security service, we can make sure you have the proper cyber protection. Did you know that even if your computer runs perfectly, you would never know whether there is malicious software running in the background keeping a track of the passwords you use for different bank websites? Our technicians are fully trained to deal with such issues and prevent future ones. They do their work with full accountability and make sure that your computer is secure in terms of ports, system files, and browser security. People do not call a technician until they face some real problem with the computer, but the best practice is to optimize your PC regularly and check for virus and malware. With our cyber security solutions, a technician will use a combination of different softwares and conduct a data back up seamlessly.

Using our cyber security solutions, less cost is involved and the work can be done with or without a remote session taking place. You can actually do off-track work like making sure that only you and nobody else will be able to use the printer connected to your computer. Who will be able to “see” the sharable files and what other ways are there that should be disabled so that your computer becomes a fortress. Did you know that a wired connection is more secure and fast than a wireless connection? So does that mean that you are not going to use your wireless device? The answers lie within our cyber security solution, where technician can conduct a remote session of your computer to check how secure your wireless connection actually is.

Why We Offer the Best Online Computer Security Services:

You need computer support for cyber protection against threats to your PC’s security. The importance of such cyber security solutions is more now than it ever was before. Virus threats have continued their trend of becoming more and more incisive as they invariably develop a break through. Our tech team can conduct a remote support session via phone or online, providing convenient and affordable computer security service.

Online Tech Support

Online tech support through email, online chat or remote desktop connection is quite a comprehensive service without considering the obvious choice of support through a phone call. The remote desktop connection is a method by which the PC user grants the control of his computer to a technician using the internet. The software connects the two computers and its control is taken over by the technician. He can even reboot the computer if needed.

Computer Tech Help for Anti-Virus Support

Our online computer security service is maintained by PC technicians using some of the following steps:

Firewall Issues – Installation and configuration
Updating the security of firewall after evaluating the potential threats
Set up Online Virus Scanner
Scheduling Virus Scans at regular intervals

Computer Troubleshooting Service Plans

If you are looking for cyber security solutions to relieve you from having anything to do with your PC except working, take advantage of our unlimited monthly Computer Security Service plan. You only need to pay once and our certified technicians will be available 24/7 to help you sort out your problems with our prompt phone or online tech support. Our computer tech help is available anytime by putting in a ticket or simply making a call.

Useful Tips For Home Cyber Protection:

Cyber protection and computer security is a matter of serious concern to the PC users worldwide. Since business operations are being conducted mostly online these days information, privacy, and data security are at a serious threat. A breach of computer security can make companies lose millions. When it comes to individual users, they become the victim of identity theft and other issues like virus and malware infection, etc.

You might be aware of the fact that there are multitudes of cyber threats on the web that are looking for ways to infiltrate your computer. To enjoy safe and secure computing you must have computer security service of some type.

As the number of Internet users has been increasing rapidly, it has created wide opportunities for the computer hackers. These cyber criminals are always in the lookout for ignorant PC users. They look for loopholes in the computer security to access personal and business computers everywhere. They also use viruses to erase data and destroy PCs.

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To protect your home computer against all these malicious threats, you have some choices. You may consider purchasing online security programs that you can directly download onto your computer, but the best option is leaving it to the professional through our cyber security solutions.

There are some websites that offer “free” download options of security software, it is strongly recommended not to get lured to these programs. In many cases, these software programs include spyware or other malware in-built. So, when you install these programs, instead of offering protection, they will actually start harming your PC.

There are many computer security services and software applications that are really very useful to offer you cyber protection. Many come with firewalls that block unsafe internet sites. The main problem with these applications is that they also block legitimate websites so, proper configuration by a professional is required in order to fix this problem.

To boost your home cyber protection and computer security you should update the operating system of your computer and other applications as well. It is strongly recommended to use an updated version of the browsers. You should also install an anti-spyware and anti-adware application, and then after installing the software, update it. Remember, if the application is not updated, it will not be able to fight against the latest threats.

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Dominic is the best! Very professional, incredibly knowledgeable and he responds in no time. No waiting on hold for hours. He’s there when you have an emergency! For the service he provides, so fairly priced. So happy I found him for my business.
Adriana McGowan
Adriana McGowan
14:07 13 Oct 17
Dom is A++. Great communication and very knowledgeable and honest.
Ron Raguso
Ron Raguso
16:43 14 Jun 18
Without Dom we would never have started Fresh Books invoice system for our plumbing company.... before Dom we were always fighting of which customers owed money , who said they paid & I knew they didn't pay ...we didn't have a good invoicing program... I actually was heading towards divorce because all we did was fight over his plumbing invoicing system ... Dom suggested Fresh Books & the computer system's unbelievable ..program tells you when the customer opens the invoice up so they can't say they didn't receive it through the email.... I enter the checks when I receive them so they can't say that they paid when I enter all payments ... The computers and system were well worth the set up fee...a lot cheaper than a divorce and now for five years we've been very happy which sounds ridiculous but it's so true with no stress .. I thank Dom again for the computer set up and program ... we also haven't switched out the computers and they been performing great all these years
ann grande
ann grande
14:35 29 Nov 17
Awesome service! Dominick went above and beyond to help, and very fair with the price. Great guy, great company. Will definitely be using them again in the future.
Nicholas Iorizzo
Nicholas Iorizzo
19:29 30 Oct 17
They went above and beyond the expected service level, creating an experience where I felt like a family member and not a client. They also made it easy for a person like me who is not a IT expert.
George Mahoney
George Mahoney
22:54 18 Nov 17
Dom provided me with excellent service in a timely manner. He was able to retrieve my data from my broken computer and transfer it to a new computer, which was so important to me. He selected a computer which is perfect for my needs. He is reliable, knowledgeable, and truly a gem in his field.
Denise Amerosi
Denise Amerosi
16:47 25 Jan 19
Great service! Very knowledgeable and polite. Showed up on time with no rescheduling. Highly recommend using microsky 👍🏻👍🏻
Matthew Martin
Matthew Martin
02:48 03 Feb 19
Very professional, able to give accurate quotes, adjust my quotes according to needs after thoroughly explaining to me what the differences and pros/cons were of certain products over others. Not looking to take advantage of customers- looking to provide great customer service!
Joe Mreczko
Joe Mreczko
16:20 18 Dec 18
Quality service and super fast repair!
Mario Geritano
Mario Geritano
20:20 08 Jan 19
Dominic is the best! Very professional, incredibly knowledgeable and he responds in no time. No waiting on hold for hours. He’s there when you have an emergency! For the service he provides, so fairly priced. So happy I found him for my business.
Adriana McGowan
Adriana McGowan
14:07 13 Oct 17

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