Supported Operating Systems

Windows 7 32 bit & 64 bit

Windows 8 32 bit & 64 bit

Windows 10 32 bit & 64 bit



  1. List installed applications
  2. List startup applications
  3. Check for application crashes
  4. Check for blue screens
  5. Clean Google Chrome
  6. Clean Internet Explorer
  7. Clean Firefox
  8. Clean System
  9. Clean System(Deep Scan)
  10. Clean Windows Update Cache
  11. Clean Flash
  12. Malware Scan (Emisoft)
  13. Malware Scan (ReasonCore Security)
  14. Malware Scan (Zemana Antimalware)
  15. Kapersky TDSSKiller
  16. Rogue Killer
  17. Sync System Time
  18. Reset Internet Protocol
  19. Repair Winsock (Reset Catalog)
  20. Renew Internet Connections
  21. Flush DNS Resolver Cache
  22. Repair Windows Automatic Updates
  23. Repair SSL/HTTPS/ Cryptography
  24. Reset Windows Firewall Configuration
  25. Restore Default Hosts File
  26. Repair Workgroup Computers
  27.  Emails a full report to our support team. Once we review we will email you a copy of it within 24 hours.


Download Instructions

1. Purchase from computer you want to run the tool on

2. After checkout you will be directed to download page and also receive an email with the download link.

3. Once downloaded – Unzip the and right-click the MicroSky-Malware-Speedup.exe , then left-click Run as Administrator

4. A window will open to enter your full name.

5. Enter your full name, then press enter to start the tool

6. The tool takes about 2 hours to run. Once it is finished we will email you the results.

If you need any assistance please call 718-672-2177 or email