Remote Support (Per Hour)

//Remote Support (Per Hour)

Remote Support (Per Hour)


Remote Support (Per Hour)

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Microsky Managed Services offers full Managed business IT support that can take your business to the next level. Our goal is to streamline your IT environment in a way that is powerful, easy, and completely mobile. the Remote Support feature provides an all-inclusive computer network set-up including software and hardware requirements. Conveniently take security measures by maintaining anti-virus and Anti-Spam. Remote Service allows experienced team of technicians provide the perfect solution as required.

Remote Support gives you freedom to reach instant IT Support anytime and anywhere. During Remote Support we keep a track of your network and privacy and any information passed both ways are encrypted to provide the highest level of security to businesses. Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. Microsky Remote Support Plan replaces the traditional expensive on- site support to more efficient and economical business IT Support Plan. In case Remote support is not adequte only then and on-site visit will be made after properly consulting with the customer.

Some of the Key features of Remote Support are –

  • Microsoft Windows updates
  • Microsoft Windows service packs, hot fixes and security patches
  • Software installation or removal
  • Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam updating
  • Virus and Spyware removal and prevention
  • Application updates and patches
  • Troubleshooting for Internet, email, and wireless network connectivity issues
  • Internet security auditing and configuration
  • Hard disk scanning, defragmentation, and scheduling
  • Tuning and optimizing of the system
  • Secured wireless setup and configuration

With the remote Desktop protocol Microsky Managed Services can provide uninturrepted remote tech support.The Remote Support feature increases efficiency and lets us provide you the fastest IT Solution possible. We understand that an IT conflict can jeopardize your business and with remote support we can provide you Business IT support instantly when time is crucial.


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