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Cloud Data Backup Solutions

Data loss may occur anytime and it can be crippling to your business. MicroSky Cloud Backup Data Solutions protects all of your data from your computers and servers and stores it on the cloud securely. If you ever lose your data, you can restore all your files easily from backup. While there are multiple mediums for backing up your data, cloud backup is easy, convenient, inexpensive, and storage unlimited. All your data can be scheduled for automatic backup from time to time, so it can work in the shadows and never interfere with your work.

It is truly unpleasant, but most businesses understand the importance of Cloud Backup Data Solutions the hard way. A recent statistic shows that 80% of businesses started backing up their data to the cloud after they have experienced data loss. Nowadays losing your business data can be devastating and can even escalate to bankruptcy. Data loss from human error and natural disasters are something that no one can predict and the threats of Cybercrime and Ransom-ware are just as hostile. The best option for any business to completely secure their business data is using Cloud Data Backup Solutions.

In this modern age, you must calculate the value of your business data and how much it can hurt you if a data loss occurs. The threat is so extensive that there are businesses who are required by law to implement Cloud Data Backup Solutions into their IT infrastructure.

To provide a complete IT experience, MicroSky Managed Services built Cloud Data Backup Solutions that can be tailored for different business requirements and provide the best service with storage unlimited.

With our Cloud Data Backup Solutions, you don’t have to prioritize your business data. Every data is backed up automatic and reduces human error from the equation. Backing up the data can be done both in real-time or scheduled to a specific time according to the business.

The data transmitted between your business and MicroSky Cloud are encrypted with military grade 256-bit encryption that guarantees no leakage during the backup and restore procedures.

Complete Cloud Backup Solutions

Bandwidth throttling has also been implemented to make sure that the Cloud Data Backup Solutions process runs seamlessly in the background and doesn’t block the bandwidth available to your IT infrastructure. Snapshot based backup are different from your ordinary Cloud Data Backup Solutions services. It can not only backup data like files, images, and videos, but also backup an entire operating system with applications and system settings. In case of a data loss, your computers, laptops, and servers can be restored to their last best setup.

Backed up data are always available in the Cloud and can be accessed within seconds. Retrieving any or all data from the Cloud is a matter of few simple clicks and downloading the desired data. To simplify the backing up procedure we have a user friendly interface that anyone can use without any prior training , so that everyone can have full control over their Cloud Data Backup Solutions. Our dedicated support team works 24/7 to handle any customer questions and support just a call or email away.

Optimized Performance without Compromise

Benefit from our advanced bandwidth throttling, ensuring that the Cloud Data Backup Solutions run efficiently in the background. This guarantees optimal use of your IT infrastructure without hindering other operations. We’ve meticulously designed our system to provide you a smooth, uninterrupted experience.

Complete System Protection Beyond Files

Go beyond conventional data backups. Our snapshot-based backup technology not only safeguards files, images, and videos but also captures the entirety of your operating system, applications, and system settings. Data loss is no longer a catastrophe; restore your devices to their last optimal configuration with ease.

Effortless Data Retrieval and Management

Access your backed-up data anytime, anywhere, within seconds. Retrieval is straightforward with a few simple clicks. Our intuitive interface ensures that even those without prior training can effortlessly manage their Cloud Data Backup Solutions. Empower yourself with full control and the confidence that our 24/7 dedicated support team is always on standby.

Secure Storage

In the digital realm, MicroSky’s Cloud Backup solutions represent the next evolution of data protection. We ensure that your vital data isn’t just saved but is stored securely in the cloud, granting you access from anywhere while safeguarding it from local threats.

With encrypted storage and multi-layered security protocols, your data rests in a fortress of digital protection.

Recovery Readiness

Disasters are unpredictable, but your response to them shouldn’t be. MicroSky’s Disaster Recovery Planning is a meticulously crafted strategy that guarantees business continuity.

Whether facing natural calamities, cyber threats, or hardware failures, our recovery roadmap ensures minimal downtime and swift restoration of your crucial data, keeping your operations uninterrupted.

Cloud Confidence

Transitioning to the cloud under MicroSky’s guidance means more than just storage; it’s about enhancing operations with the confidence that your data is secure.

Our Cloud Backup solutions are paired with advanced disaster recovery strategies, ensuring that even in unforeseen adversities, your data remains accessible, intact, and primed for business continuity.

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