How to Recover Data from Dropped Hard Drive

Any external force may make you lose your data from a hard drive because they are susceptible. When you drop the hard drive, you may lose your data, and if you have not backed it up, it might be hard for you to get it back.

Any attempt to recover the data can make things worse if you are not careful. You need to ensure that you follow a few steps to safely recover your data even if the hard drive is damaged. Y should try any software because it may make things worse, and you might not get your data back.

First, you need to ensure that the hard drive is ok, and there are no issues with the USB connection. Check the port and make sure that you need to recover the data and that it is not just the port that has an issue. You can also try if there is a problem with the closure.

How to Recover Data from Dropped Hard Drive

First step

Download the recover IT software from the iSkysoft website and start it by clicking it in your main window. Go to the Applications folder on the Mac and drop the executable file so that you can try to recover it. When you drag the files to the folder, you can choose the type of files you want to recover after launching the program. After you click on the files, you would like to recover. You should click next so that you go to the next step.


Second step

Connect the hard dick to the Mac if the disk is external and connect the internal hard disk drive. Make sure that you connect the HDD as an add-on if it is an internal hard disk. The Mac will detect and show you the available HDD using the iSkysoft software. It will scan the file signatures because this recovery mode will execute a deep scan to recover your data. You will be able to scan a lot of formats because this mode can scan for more than 50 formats, and even though you may not get the original names, you will be able to get your data back.


Third step

You will get a list of the data, and you can choose the file that you want to recover from the HDD. When you scan the hard disk drive, you can select the essential data for you. The software will arrange the data according to the size and depending on the structure. Refresh the drive and pick the data you want to recover. Save your important data and ensure that you have a back up to keep your data safe.


After you manage to recover your data, you should back it up to ensure that you will not lose it again. A hard drive is susceptible, and any simple drop can make you lose all your data. You might want to invest in a cover to shield your drive from impact, and you can be sure that you will not lose the disk because of a simple drop.


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